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Painting Together while Staying Apart with Dermot Cavanagh’s NEW On-Line & Interactive Painting Tutorials.

Watch it live here – Watch it again & again on Replay. Use PLAY – PAUSE & REWIND as you paint along in your own time.

Download supporting information on Materials, Colour mixes and Sketching etc.

Watch it in High Definition on your Tablet, Computer or Smart TV. It really couldn’t be easier!

Upload your finished painting to the Students Gallery and get Dermot’s personal assessment and appraisal.

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Previous Titles:

1. Doe Castle Donegal
2. English Cottage Gloucestershire
3. Polperro Harbour Cornwall
4. Red Boat on Leenan Strand
5. Stone House Buckland
6. Cottage Farmstead Glen
7. Tanworth-in-Arden Village & Church 
8. The Broom Makers Cottage Armagh 
9. Istrian Street Scene Croatia
10.Pack Horse Bridge Cumbria.

Plus lots more: New titles added on a regular basis.

Order Now and get all supporting material relating to the course, i.e. Info on materials, Colour mixes and sketches.

Paint along in your own time. Watch Again & Again using Play, Pause & Rewind.

Only £14.99 each.

A vast library of Step-by-step video tutorials. Follow every brushstroke.

Learn how to:
Paint skies – Mix colours –
Paint trees and foliage –
Give texture to rocks and brickwork –
Contrast light against dark –
Paint buildings – Including windows
and doors and lots more.

25 tutorials with over 4 Hrs duration.

For painters of all ages and levels of ability.

New tutorials added regularly to the library at no extra cost. Order now and watch it here.

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Join Dermot in his live interactive demo:

Wednesday 24th August @ 7PM


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Dermot Cavanagh's Previous Online Courses are Available to order on Replay.

If you missed out on any of Dermot’s live course broadcasts. You can still get them on Catch-Up-Replay. So, you can watch and learn anytime anywhere. Just click on the images below to find out more. Click View Full Collection to see more course choices.

Watch Again & Again. Paint along using PLAY, PAUSE & REWIND. 

Download all the supporting material to help you do the painting for yourself in your own time.

Dermot says, “In these courses I’ll teach you lots of painting tips and techniques. All demos are filmed in great detail so anyone, anywhere can learn. You’ll never miss a thing from the initial sketch to the finishing touches, and you can follow every brushstroke. When you purchase these demos you watch them over, and over again and have a go yourself in your own time. Download supporting material relating to each course, i.e. PDF files including info on materials used, Colour mixing instructions & information and sketching templates to help you with your drawing etc. Use PLAY – PAUSE and REWIND functions and paint along, to get as much instruction as you need. When you’re done upload your finished painting to The Members Gallery and get a personal assessment and appraisal. This is the most unique and innovative way to learn to paint today and can be accessed immediately worldwide from the comfort of your own home.

Only £14.99 each. Watch it on your Tablet, Computer or Smart TV. It couldn’t be easier.

Doe Castle Donegal Duration: 2hrs
English Cottage Gloucestershire Duration: 2hrs 22mins
Polperro Harbour Cornwall Duration: 2hrs 36mins
Red Boat on Leenan Strand Donegal Demo Duration: 2hrs 12mins
Stone House Nr. Buckland-in-the-Moor Duration: 2hrs 31mins
Cottage Farmstead near Glen Duration: 2hrs 26mins
Tanworth-in-Arden Village & Church Duration: 2hrs 49mins
Packhorse Bridge in the Cumbrian Hills Duration: 2hrs 26mins