Cottage on Slieve Gullion


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Welcome to another of my online tutorial demonstrations for you to paint along and learn from. In this tutorial I’m painting a scene from south County Armagh “The Broom Makers Cottage in a forest clearing near the summit of Slieve Gullion mountain. I last painted this scene during the second series of my BBC TV show ‘Awash with Colour’. In this demo I will recreate the scene again for you in watercolour and teaches you lots more tips and techniques along the way. My online demos are filmed and delivered in great detail so anyone, anywhere can learn and develop painting skills. This is the most unique and innovative way to learn to paint today and can be accessed immediately worldwide from the comfort of your own home. Never miss a thing from the initial sketch to the finishing touches, follow every brushstroke. Watch it over and over again and have a go yourself in your own time. People say, they have learnt more from my courses in a few sessions than from years attending other classes. Regards and Happy Painting Dermot Cavanagh


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