Next Live Online Watercolour Tutorial – ‘Memories of the Mediterranean’


My next live and interactive Tutorial is on Wednesday 27th January 2021 from 7:00pm.
‘Memories of the Mediterranean’

MY Next Live Demo Tutorial:  Wednesday 27th January 2021 from 7:00pm.

For my next live tutorial I’m setting winter aside and I’ll take you on a virtual painting trip to the Med.  I want to create a little bit of escapism for you with a watercolour ‘Memories of the Mediterranean’. Over the years I have visited many Mediterranean locations on my painting holidays. I am developing a Colourful and inspirational composition based on my travels there. It will be completely different to anything I have done before in previous tutorials and I am really looking forward to informing and encouraging you by passing on many more of my watercolour tips and techniques in this one. I would be delighted if you could join me on this virtual Mediterranean odyssey.

My online tutorials are very informative and are filmed in great detail. This is the most unique and innovative way to learn to paint today and can be accessed immediately worldwide from the comfort of your own home. Never miss a thing from the initial sketch to the finishing touches, follow every brushstroke. – Live & Interactive: You can watch the demo live and interactive; ask questions and have them answered live during the demo.

When you make a booking; you’ll get your own Personal Viewing Code sent to you by email along with all supporting materials relating to the tutorial, i.e. Colour mixing instructions, A helpful sketching template and information on the materials needed; on the day before the Next Live Demo

You can watch the demo tutorial again & again using PLAY – PAUSE & REWIND.  Paint along with me in your own time at your own pace. When you’re done upload your finished painting to the website and get my personal assessment and appraisal.

Watch my Tutorial/Demo via YouTube on your Tablet, Computer or Smart TV. It really couldn’t be easier.

Regards and Happy Painting.
Dermot Cavanagh

“It went really, well and Dermot was brilliant as usual”.

“Thank you so much for organising that wonderful demo with Dermot Cavanagh.  It was brilliant – and in these difficult times, it was so nice to think that the Club members were watching it virtually all together”.

“That was such an inspiring demonstration by Dermot Cavanagh.  So easy to follow and much enlightenment on how to examine our own methodology and how one might address it.  Many thanks for setting this up; a great idea”.

 “Wow! That was great! Really enjoyed it. Haven’t touched watercolours for years but this has inspired me to have another go”.

“I must say a huge thank you  for organising this. We watched as a family of 4 on our 32” smart TV and it was spot on, we were all enthralled”.